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C++ Programming Language : ALLBCA

Here, allbca provide you very-very important topics of C++ Programming Language, for your Sem 3rd exam preparation and to increase your knowledge. We are 100% sure, that it will pass you in the C++ Programming Language Exam. And you will have very good marks. Section 'C' contains 15 marks, Section 'B'  7.1/2 marks and Section 'A' 3 marks'Stars' represents the possibility of that particular question arrives in the exam. So read them all carefully.

Section 'C' (15 marks) : C++ Programming Language

Q1. Operator Overloading? (syntax)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★

Q2. Encapsulation?
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q3. Difference between 'C' and 'C++'? (compare and contrast the features)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q4. 'Memory Management Operators' new and Delete in C++?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q5. Generic Classes?
Ans. (click here) ★

Section 'B' (7.1/2 marks)

Q1. Inheritance? its Types? (advantage) (program)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★★

Q2. Exception Handling?
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q3. Friend Functions? (benefits and limitations) (program)
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q4. Abstraction?
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q5. Polymorphism and Template function?
Ans. (click here) ★

Section 'A' (3 marks)

Q1. Constructors? with example? (uses in c++)
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q2. Operator Overriding?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q3. Scope Resolution Operator?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q4. Function Overloading? (program)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q5. Class Vs Object? (vs Call by Value)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q6. Difference between 'Object-Oriented' and 'Object-Based' programming language Vs 'Procedural programming'?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q7. Abstract Classes with example?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q8. Destructors in c++ with example?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q9. Virtual Function?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q10. Pure Virtual Function?
Ans. (click here) ★

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