Disk Structure in Operating System - Diagram

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Operating System: Q1.Disk Structure in Operating System? Q2.What is CPU scheduling? Q3.What is preemptive scheduling? Q4.What is non-preemptive scheduling? (Operating System all notes)


Q1. Disk Structure in Operating System? with diagram?

Ans. Disk Structure in Operating System: The actual physical details of a modern hard disk may be quite complicated. Simply, there are one or more surfaces, each of which contains several tracks, each of which is divided into sectors.

There is one read/write head for every surface of the disk. Also, the same track on all surfaces is known as a cylinder, When talking about movement of the read/write head, the cylinder is a useful concept, because all the heads (one for each surface), move in and out of the disk together.
We say that the “read/write head is at cylinder #2", when we mean that the top read/write head is at track #2 of the top surface, the next head is at track #2 of the next surface, the third head is at track #2 of the third surface, etc.

The unit of information transfer is the sector (though often whole tracks may be read and written, depending on the hardware). As far as most file-systems are concerned, though, the sectors are what matter. In fact, we usually talk about a 'block device'. A block often corresponds to a sector, though it need not do, several sectors may be aggregated to form a single logical block.

Q2. What is CPU scheduling? :Disk Structure

Ans. In a multiprogramming operating system, the method or procedure for switching the CPU among multiple processes is called CPU scheduling or process scheduling.

Q3. What is preemptive scheduling?

Ans. A scheduling discipline is preemptive if, once a process has been given to the CPU can take away. The strategy of allowing processes that are logically runnable to be temporarily suspended is called preemptive scheduling and it is contrast to the “run to completion" method.

Q4. What is non-preemptive scheduling?

Ans. A scheduling discipline is non-preemptive if, once a process has been given to the CPU, the CPU cannot be taken away from that process.

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