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Principle of Management

Here, allbca provide you very-very important topics of Principle of Management (POM) Notes, for your Sem 1st exam preparation and to increase your knowledge. We are 100% sure, that it will pass you in the Principle of Management (POM) Exam. And you will have very good marks. Section 'C' contains 15 marks, Section 'B'  7.1/2 marks and Section 'A' 3 marks'Stars' represents the possibility of that particular question arrive in the exam. So read them all carefully.

Section 'C' (15 marks) : Principle of Management

Q1. Strategy? Role and process of strategy? write 2 strategies?
Ans. (click here) ★★★★

Q2. Management? its levels? management by objectives?
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q3. Define Change? Needs in organisation? 1 Model? How change successfully managed in organisation? Alternative change techniques? Various causes of resistance to change?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Section 'B' (7.1/2 marks)

Q1. Role of 'Controlling' in organisation? (Span of control)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q2. Leadership? Qualities and Importance? Different styles of leadership?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q3. Skills required by 'manager' at different levels or Different 'managerial skills'?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q4. Total Quality Management (TQM)?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q5. 'Ethics' and 'Social Responsibilities' of business? (Ethics Tools)
Ans. (click here) ★

Section 'A' (3 marks)

Q1. Plan? its different types?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q2. Environment effect 'organization changes'?
Ans. (click here) ★

Q3. Authority and Responsibility difference?
Ans. (click here) ★

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