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Optimization Techniques : ALLBCA

Here, allbca provide you very-very important topics of Optimization Techniques Notes, for your Sem 4th exam preparation and to increase your knowledge. We are 100% sure, that it will pass you in the Optimization Techniques Exam. And you will have very good marks. Section 'C' contains 15 marks, Section 'B'  7.1/2 marks and Section 'A' 3 marks'Stars' represents the possibility of that particular question arrives in the exam. So read them all carefully.

Section 'C' (15 marks) : Optimization Techniques Notes

Q1. Solve 'LDP'? (Use Simplex Method to solve the following LPP)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★★ [Ans1] [Ans2] [Ans3]

Q2. Determine a 'Sequence for the Jobs' that will minimize the 'Total Elapsed Time'?
Ans. (click here) ★★★★ [Ans2]

Q3. Solve 'Transportation Problem'? (and its having cost structure as...)
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q4. (i) 'Present worth factor' (PWF)
Ans. (click here) ★

(ii) 'Discount Rate'
Ans. (click here) ★★

(iii) 'Group Replacement and Individual Replacement Policy'
Ans. (click here) ★★

(iv) 'Tic-tac Problem'
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q5. Drive the 'Wilson EOQ Formula'? Practical limitations?
(Also discuss the 'cost involved' in an 'inventory problem')
Ans. (click here) ★

Q6. Obtain the 'Dual Problem' (method to solve problem) of following LPP?
(Also verify that dual of the dual problem is 'Primal Problem')
Ans. (click here) ★

Section 'B' (7.1/2 marks)

Q1. Solve following 'Assignment Problem'? (its represented by the matrix)
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q2. 'Linear Programming Problem' solve by graphical method? (....by simplex method)
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q3. Find the 'Most economical Replacement Age'? (what age is replacement due)
Ans. (click here) ★★*

Section 'A' (3 marks)

Q1. 'Linear Programming Problem'?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q2. 'Inventory Problem'? (its models) (various cost associated with it)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q3. 'Sequencing Problem'? (important assumptions)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q4. 'Money Value' Vs 'Present Value'?
Ans. (click here) ★ (click here)

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[ Topic= Optimization Techniques Notes ]
[ Topic= Optimization Techniques Notes ]

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