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Operating System: Q1.Free Space Management in OS? Q2.Multi Threading? - with example. (Operating System all notes)


Q1. What is free space management?

Ans. We need free space management because it is used to reuse the space from deleted files for new files, if it is possible. The system contains a free space list that holds the list of free spaces in the disk.

It includes: Free Space Management in OS

(a) Bit Vector: Fast for contiguous allocation and small disks especially with hardware support.
(b) Linked List.
(c) Grouping free block contains addresses of the free block and the last free block contains the address of the next block containing addresses of free blocks.
(d) Counting disk addresses and free count of contiguous blocks.


Q2. Describe Multi Threading with suitable example?

Ans. Multithreading Concept: A thread is the basic unit of CPU utilization. It consists of thread ID, a program counter, a register set, and a stack. It shares with other threads belonging to the same process is a code section, data section, and other resources.
If a process has multiple threads of control it can perform more than one task at a time. This is called a multithreading concept.

Example: A word processor may have the thread for displaying graphics, another thread for responding to keystrokes from the user, and a third thread for performing spelling and grammar checking is the background.

Benefits of Multi Threading:

1. Responsiveness: For example, a multithreaded web browser could still allow user interaction in one thread while an image was being loaded in another thread.
2. Resource Sharing: It allows an application to have several different threads of activity within the same address space.
3. Economy: Because threads share resources of the process to which they belong.
4. Utilization of Multiprocessor Architecture: Multithreading on a multi-CPU machine increases concurrency.

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