Thrashing in OS - Causes of thrashing in os

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Operating System: Q1.Thrashing in OS? - Causes of thrashing in OS. (Operating System all notes)


Q1. Thrashing in OS? How can we use this in the operating system?

Ans. Thrashing in OS: If the number of frames allocated a low priority process, falls below the minimum number of frames required by the computer instructions, we must suspend its execution. We should then page out its remaining pages, freeing all of its allocated frames. This procedure introduces a swap in slash.
In fact, look at any process which does not have enough frames. Although it is technically possible to reduce the number of frames to a minimum, there is some larger number of pages that are inactively in use of the process, does not have this number of frames, it will very quickly page fault at this point, it must replace some pages.

However, since all of its pages are of inductive use, we must replace a page which will be needed again right away.

Consequently, it very quickly faults again and again. The program continues to a fault, replacing pages for which it will then fault and bring back in right away.

This very high paging activity is called thrashing. A process of thrashing is spending more time paging than executing. Thrashing can cause several performance problems.

Thrashing is the coincidence of high page traffic and low CPU utilization. When a process is executing in high page fault area and not utilizing CPU then this condition is called thrashing.
Thrashing is a problem because thrashing consumes a lot of computer energy but accomplishes very little useful results.

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