Software Requirement Specification (SRS) - its Nature, Role

Software Engineering Notes: Q1.Software Requirement Specification? - its Nature and Role. Q2.Relationship between Design and Implementation? (Software Engineering all notes) Software Requirement Specification


Q1. What is the Software Requirement Specification? Nature of SRS? Or What is SRS and how this document is organised into different sections?

Ans. Software Requirement Documentation: This is the way to represent requirements in a consistent format. Requirement documentation is called Software Requirement Specification (SRS).

The SRS is a specification for a particular software product, program or set of programs that performs certain functions in a specific environment. It serves a number of purposes depending on who is writing it.

First, the SRS could be written by the customer of the system. Second, SRS could be written by developer of the system. In first case, SRS is used to define the needs and expectations of the users. The second case, SRS is written for different purpose and serve as a contract document between customer and developer.

The SRS written by developer is of our interest and discussed in the subsequent sections. A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a complete description of the behaviour of the system to be developed. It includes a set of use cases that describe all the interactions the users will have with the software. Use cases are also known as functional requirements.

In addition to use cases, the SRS also contains non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements are requirements which impose constraints on the design or implementation such as performance engineering requirements, quality standards or design constraints.

Nature of Software Requirement Specification (SRS):

The basic issues that SRS writer shall address are the following:
1. Functionality: What the software is supposed to do?

2. External Interfaces: How does the software interact with people, system's hardware, other hardware and other software?

3. Performance: What is the speed, availability, response time, recovery time etc.
4. Attributes: What are the considerations for portability, correctness, maintainability, security, reliability etc.

5. Design Constraints Imposed on an Implementation: Are there any required standards in effect, implementation language, policies for database integrity, resource limits, operating environment etc.

Since SRS has a specific role to play in software development process, SRS writer should be careful for following points :

1. SRS should correctly define all the software requirements. A software requirement may exist because of the nature of the task to be solved or because of a specific characteristic of the project.

2. SRS should not describe any design or implementation details. These should be described in the design stage of the project.

3. SRS should not impose additional constraints on the software. These are properly specified in other documents such as software quality assurance plan.

Therefore, a properly written SRS limits the range of valid designs but does not specify any particular design.

Q2. Relationship between Design and Implementation?

Ans. Relationship between Design and Implementation: Software design and implementation is the stage in the software engineering process at which an executable software system is developed. Software design and implementation activities are invariably inter-leaved.

(a) Software design is a creative activity in which one identifies software components and their relationships, based on a customer's requirements.

(b) Implementation is the process of realising the design as a program.

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