What is Software Engineering - Analysis, Designing, Testing

Software Engineering Notes: Q1. What is Software Engineering - Documentation Manuals, Operating Procedure. (Software Engineering all notes)


Q1. What is Software Engineering?

Ans. Software Engineering: Software engineering is a discipline, which can be described as the combination of techniques of engineering and all aspects of software development. This include aspect of software development, design, implementation and maintenance of software.

A discipline whose aim is the production of quality software, that is delivered on time, within budget and that satisfies its requirements.

Software is more than one programs: What is Software Engineering

Software = Programs + Documentation + Operating Procedures.

Any program is a subset of software. It becomes software only if documentation and operating procedure manuals are prepared.
The term software refers to the set of computer programs. The software is developed keeping in mind certain hardware and system software known as platform. It also includes user manual, other documentations and data. In a nutshell we can say :
"Software is a set of instructions to acquire inputs and to manipulate them to produce the desired output in terms of functions determined by the user of the software. It also includes a set of documents known as user manual and other types of manuals."
Finally, we can say that a program is a programming in the small scale while a software is the programming in the large scale.

Program is a combination of source code and object code. Documentation consists of different types of manuals as follows:

1. Documentation Manuals

(a) Analysis and Specification
(i) Data flow diagram.
(ii) Context diagram.
(iii) Formal specification.

(b) Designing
(i) Entity relationship diagram.
(ii) Flow chart.

(c) Implementation
(i) Cross reference listing.
(ii) Source code listing.

(d) Testing
(i) Test result.
(ii) Test data.

2. Operating Procedure

(a) Users Manual
(i) System overview.
(ii) Beginning guide.
(iii) Reference guide.

(b) Operational Manual
(i) Installation guide.
(ii) System administration guide.

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