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Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application (CGMA)

Here, allbca provide you very-very important topics of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application (CGMA), for your Sem 4th exam preparation and to increase your knowledge. We are 100% sure, that it will pass you in the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application (CGMA)  Exam. And you will have very good marks. Section 'C' contains 15 marks, Section 'B'  7.1/2 marks and Section 'A' 3 marks'Stars' represents the possibility of that particular question arrive in the exam. So read them all carefully.

Section 'C' (15 marks) : Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application (CGMA)

Q1. “Multimedia”? Categories and Uses?
“Multimedia Application”? (Multimedia system)
(Software requirement to good multimedia skills) (Multimedia application development diff. stages)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★★★

Q2. “Animation” with example? Types and Tools? (Application) (Basic concepts behind it) (3 basic rules of animation)
(Software used for computer animation) (Hardware & Software required for animation, needed to make good multimedia)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★

Q3. “Clipping”? Types? (-Mid point sub division algorithm for line clipping-)  (its Numerical)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★

Q4. “Cubic Bezier Curve”? Properties? its 2 Characteristics?
[Ex Numerical= A cubic Bezier curve is defined over control points (1,1),(2,3),(4,4) and (6,1). Calculate parametric midpoints of this curve and shows that its gradient dy/dx is 1/7. ]
Ans. (click here) ★★★

Q5. Numerical of “Rotation about origin”? (Triangle)
Ans. (click here) ★★ (click here)

Q6. “Projection”? Parallel Projection vs Perspetive Projection?
Ans. (click here)

Section 'B' (7.1/2 marks)

Q1. “Polygon”? Types? Polygon Clipping?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q2. “Sutherland Hodgeman Algorithm” for polygon clipping ?
(cohen-line clipping algorithm**)
Ans. (click here) ★★ (click here)

Q3. “Bresenhams Line Drawing Algorithm”? (Nummerical*)
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q4. “Transformation”? Basic 2D Transformation with example?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q5. “DDA”?
Ans. (click here) ★★

Q6. “B-Spline”? Spline curve and condition for curve?
Ans. (click here)

Q7. Hand Copy Device or Technologies ?
Ans. (click here)

Section 'A' (3 marks)

Q1. “Computer Graphics”? its uses? types? application in different fields? (advantage of Interactive graphics)
Ans. (click here) ★★★★

Q2. “Pixel”? or its Characteristics?
Ans. (click here)

Q3. “Shearing Transformation”?
Ans. (click here)

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