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BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) Course Details:

BCA Course Details: we are talking about the courses that take place after the 12th. There are many courses which are beneficial for us like B.tech, BCA, BSc, IT Sector, etc. All these can perform different-different tasks in their area. Some students have their own choice of where they can go in their field. But we are only talking about BCA. Students who have passed the 12th standard can join BCA but 12th marks should be minimum 45%.

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Degree Bachelors
Duration 3 years
Eligibility 12 pass with mininmum 45%
Recuritment Companies IT & Software Companies
Average BCA Course Fees INR 35,000 to 2,00,000 lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 12,000 to 8 lacs

What is BCA Course? : BCA Course Details

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application which is an undergraduate degree course in the computer science field. BCA plays a vital role in the field of computer application. BCA is a good course that is easy to learn but not so much easy. BCA is also a professional course in the IT industry. Nowadays most of the work is done on computers, with the help of software, websites, android applications, and web applications, etc. For example, as we go to the cyber cafes and fill in the forms, with the help of computer applications.

BCA Course Subjects : BCA Course Details

BCA Course have many interesting subjects like PPA, C, C++, Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Core Java, Database language SQL etc.

BCA 1st Semester:

BCA 2nd Semester:

BCA 3rd Semester:

BCA 4th Semester:

BCA 5th Semester:

  • Introduction to DBMS (DBMS)
  • Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design (JAVA)
  • Computer Network (CN)
  • Numerical Methods (NM)

BCA 6th Semester:

  • Computer Network Security (CNS)
  • Information System: Analysis Design & Implementation (IN)
  • E-Commerce
  • Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Concepts!

In this field, there are many possibilities to gain knowledge about the Internet sector. In BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications), we learn about new technologies, programming languages, databases, application processing, and much more.

What is the BCA Course Duration?

Some of the students who are not able to take a 4-year B.tech graduation degree can join the BCA. So, guys, the Duration of the BCA course is 3 years, which is divided into 6 semesters. It comprises subjects like- Math, Computer Network, C, C++, Database(SQL), and Java which is the most important programming languages that is mainly used for the computer application.

How many languages we can read in the BCA?

There are several languages we can read in the BCA Course. For example- C, C++, Java, Database language like SQL. Some other extra languages related to BCA are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, etc. But one thing is important that some colleges can teach selected languages like Java, HTML, SOL, and other colleges that can teach PHP, SOL, and Phyton. Universities prefer only highly demanded languages.

When you are doing BCA?

Always remember when you are doing BCA, students always remember that they select one language which is perfect and helpful for them. When companies take an interview, they always asked what is your skill and on which language or field your command is good. For example- Web Design, Web Development, C, C++, Java, Database, etc.

What is the Salary of BCA freshers?

After BCA, the salary for the fresher graduate minimum 10000-12000 and when they have got 1-year experience than they can earn the maximum salary upto 15000- 28000.

What is the scope of BCA after Completing or Career?

BCA graduates have a good scope in the IT Job Sector. Graduation level degree BCA is related to many fields like- railway, banking, industries, government sector, etc. Don't worry BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a valuable course and degree.


In my opinion, guys select at least one language that which you can control well. Your command on that language must be correct. Every language performs different tasks such as JAVA is best for android and all platforms. PHP is for the dynamic website and phyton is for Artificial intelligence, etc. Companies always prefer those students who are good in their field.

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[ Topic= Bachelor of Computer Applications ]

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[ Topic= Bachelor of Computer Applications ]
[ Topic= Bachelor of Computer Applications ]

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